Transportation Program

2024-25 Transportation Update: Incoming 7th Graders (Class of 2030) are required to take part in the Windward Bus Program. Stay tuned for additional details about our 2024-25 Transportation Requirements. 

For more than 35 years, Windward has been an appreciative neighbor to the close-knit Mar Vista community of Los Angeles.

We are proud to partner with the residents in improving our surroundings and enhancing our outreach. As part of our ongoing commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, and in conjunction with the highly reputable firm of Hirsch/Green Transportation Consulting, Inc., we’ve upgraded our bus program for the 2024-25 academic year.

The upgraded program includes five bus routes designed to service our families. Each route includes a morning pick-up (arriving 10 minutes before class) and afternoon drop-off (departing campus at 3:45 p.m.). All buses will have:

  • Ample seating;
  • Certified drivers; and
  • Seat belts.

Windward uses First Student, Inc. for our bus program. The school buses used for the program are maintained in excellent condition, and each bus holds a Certificate of Inspection issued by the California Highway Patrol. All buses have seat belts, two-way radios, and safety equipment. All drivers hold California School Bus Certificates and have first aid and CPR training. Drivers are required to do maintenance and safety inspections each morning to ensure the safety of all passengers. 

2023-24 Updates

Please note—In partnership with the City of Los Angeles and the Department of Transportation, we are committed to traffic requirements including:

  1. Student-driven carpools: Students with an approved carpool of 4 Windward students per vehicle (including driver);
  2. Parent-driven carpools: Require a minimum of 2 Windward students per vehicle; and
  3. School Bus Program: A more robust busing program.


For questions about the bus program, please contact Jeff Moeller at or (424) 289-1007.

Busses at Windward School