Service Learning

Service learning exposes students and faculty to experiences that engage each individual in creative problem solving, meaningful relationship-building, and learning that is connected to true community needs.
Ashley Goodman service learning

I've been amazed by our students' eagerness to have an impact beyond campus." - Ashley Goodman, Director of Service Learning

Service learning projects, opportunities, and curricula at Windward School are designed to create citizens of our local and global communities who are compassionate, curious, and connected with others. Our students have the potential to learn deeply by developing collaborative, reciprocal relationships with our local and global partners. We embrace an assets-based, community-driven approach where both students and community partners are serving and learning together through shared decision-making and direct engagement.

By integrating service experiences into the lives and learning of our students, we hope that they will grow as creative and innovative collaborators, and find the potential within themselves and in our world to become social changemakers.

Windward Partnerships

  • Westside Children's Center
  • Mar Vista Elementary School
  • Richland Avenue Elementary School
  • Grandview Boulevard Elementary School
  • Walgrove Avenue Elementary School
  • Palms Elementary
  • Beethoven Street Elementary School
  • Mar Vista Community Council

Service Spotlight

All students must complete 20 hours of service by the end of their Sophomore year. One 10-hour project is required, and this project must take place at a location off-campus. The remaining 10 hours can be fulfilled through service opportunities that best fit the interests and passions of each individual student.
During the 11th and 12th grade year, no additional hours will be required, but we encourage students to meet with advisor Ashley Goodman to continue their interests and passions through service. We encourage all students to consider applying to the Service Honors Society, which has a 100 hour requirement.