Windward is committed to providing students a nurturing community in which they can best reach their full academic and athletic potential. To maximize the support students receive within the School, grade levels are assigned to three divisions—Middle School Division (Grades Seven and Eight), Prep Division (Grades Nine and 10) and Collegiate Division (Grades 11 and 12). Each division has the same team structure in place with a Director, Associate Director, Dean of Students, Counselor, and Administrative Coordinator. As your child’s educational journey continues, the different divisions work together to provide a helpful and seamless transition. This innovative structure ensures that student needs are best served by an attentive and available educational support staff member.  

Faculty members guide students in mastering skills, acquiring knowledge, and thinking critically and morally, while helping them grow academically, artistically, and athletically, so that they may lead responsible and fulfilling lives. Crucial to such excellence are an inclusive curriculum and a diverse community, where members learn to appreciate, celebrate, and live within a rich variety of cultures. In addition, as young people of intelligence and integrity, Windward students are encouraged to recognize and address overt and subtle racism, as well as other inequities caused by class, gender, or religion that exist in the local and world communities.

Collegiate Division (11/12)

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Windward School is a 7-12, co-educational, independent day school in Los Angeles, California.