STEAM Scholars Program

Program Overview
Windward’s STEAM Scholars program is for Upper School students with a passionate interest in extended studies in science, engineering, or other technical fields. STEAM challenges motivated students to bridge real-world applications and academic studies in order to enhance their abilities to succeed in the 21st century. Through an approved course of study, combined with out of class experiences, Upper School students may pursue their passion for science, technology, engineering, design arts, and mathematics. Upon completion of the program, students who earn the STEAM Scholars Certificate will have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to pursue further studies and careers in the STEAM fields.

Meet the Team

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  • Dr. Simon Huss 

    Science & Technology Teacher, Chair, Director of STEAM Program
    (424) 289-1075
Program Goals
Windward School’s STEAM Program strives to inspire joy at the idea of discovery, to create a culture that fosters innovation, and to prepare our students for effective involvement in an increasingly technological society. We engage our students with interdisciplinary courses that incorporate advanced technology-integrated projects, as well as encourage inquiry, integrity, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, and critical reasoning. Through their challenging experiences in the program, students will:
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, curiosity, adaptability, and initiative in order to be both contributors to and influential in a technological society;
  • Exhibit an appreciation for the skills and imagination needed to design, create, and utilize advanced technologies;
  • Engage in and explore the interconnectedness of the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Design Arts, and Mathematics;
  • Practice and master the skills necessary to successfully pursue a higher degree in one of the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics;
  • Develop as leaders and support one another through collaboration and team building.

STEAM Program Requirements

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  • Course Requirements - Class of 2018 & Beyond

    Take courses or demonstrate experience in each of the five disciplines of STEAM:
    • Science: at least four years of lab science courses.
    • Technology: at least one STEAM-designated Technology course, completion of a coding-based geometry course at Windward, or demonstrated ability in programming via a practical test of coding skills.
    • Engineering: at least one STEAM-designated Engineering course or participation in Boeing Summer Internship.
    • Arts: at least one STEAM-designated design-based Arts courses
    • Mathematics: at least four years of mathematics in Upper School (or completion of AP Calculus AB).
    Capstone:Take Honors Capstone: Innovative Design for Real-World Problems.       (Rare exceptions granted by STEAM Director in a case-by-case basis for a significant, pre-approved Summer internship during the Summer between Junior year.
    • A minimum of B+ in all STEAM-designated classes, regardless of regular/AP/honors status. (Exceptions granted by STEAM Director on case by case basis.)
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  • STEAM Scholars Other Requirements

    • ePortfolio: Maintain a digital portfolio of STEAM work and reflections (see STEAM e-Portfolio document for specifics)
    • Meetings: Attend all Windward STEAM events, and monthly meetings  (exceptions granted by STEAM Director on case-by-case basis)
    • Service:  Participate in STEAM Service Camp, be a T.A. for a full year of STEAM-based Discovery Academy, be a counselor for a full week of STEAM-based summer camp, or complete a 15+ hour community service project with STEAM component. (project must be pre-approved by the STEAM Director & Dean of Experiential Learning)
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  • STEAM Designated Courses

    Please refer to the curriculum guide and/or the large legal sized image below
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  • Application Form - Class of 2020

    Please click here to access the application form.
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  • Questions?

    For more information about the STEAM Scholars Program at Windward, please contact Simon Huss, Director of STEAM Programs, at
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