Senior Experience

Senior Experience at Windward School

Windward School affords Seniors the opportunity in their final weeks at the School to use its rich community resources to delve deeply into a subject of their interest. Whether Seniors choose to participate in an internship—an apprenticeship with a Windward parent, alum, or friend of the community; an intensive—a small, one-on-one or group course with a Windward Faculty member; or an initiative—a student-developed project or class—the School believes that the experience will reflect the very best of the Windward experience while at the same time preparing students for both the rigors and freedoms of college.

Project Options

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  • An Initiative

    In rare instances, students may opt to design their own projects rather than participate in an internship or intensive. The application process for those interested in an initiative is rigorous. First, you must determine a particular area you would like to pursue (short story writing, transforming a gasoline lawn mower into a biofuel powered vehicle, Non-Euclidean Geometry, The Physics of Flight, Film Noir, etc.). All initiatives must have a connection to your academic work at Windward. Then you must submit a substantial (three to four page) proposal for a one-on-one or small group (no more than three students) project. You will need to acquire a faculty sponsor, design the curriculum for your project/course, develop a clear timeline that involves at least 24 hours of study/work, six hours of class time/advisor check-ins, and some culminating project/presentations.
  • An Intensive

    An intensive is a brief, teacher-driven course. In the past, courses have included “Beat Poetry,” “Mathematics and Deception,” and “Economics.” If you would like to participate in an intensive, all you need to do is sign up. A list of intensives will be made available in the near future. There will be courses that begin on the designated “first day” of the Senior Experience for those either not taking  an AP class or taking only one or two, and there will be several “short form” intensives for those taking three or more AP classes. Each regular course will involve at least 24 hours of work, a minimum of six class meetings, and a culminating project, paper or presentation.
  • An Internship

    Internships are apprentice opportunities that can be done in almost any field imaginable. You will need to secure a position with a Windward faculty member, parent, alum, or other friend of the community. Minimum requirements for those pursuing internships include a documented work schedule involving a minimum of  24 on-site hours and a final presentation. If you acquire an internship, you will also need to coordinate with either Jeff Gilder or Stella Beale as your on-campus supervisor.

Past Senior Intensives

  • Senior Shakespeare Scene Performance Workshop
  • Honors Research Seminar: 20th Century U.S. History
  • English 12-H, Extended Research
  • Psychology, Liberation, and Social Transformation
  • Leadership and Great Leaders
  • Mathematics and Deception
  • Strengths Finder
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