Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity
Windward School’s mission statement calls upon teachers, parents, and administrators to “work together to inspire our students to be responsible, caring, well-informed, ethical, prepared, and well-balanced young adults.” Nothing is more important to instilling these core values in our students than creating an environment that embraces and promotes academic integrity, which is the expectation that all community members live by Windward’s ethical and scholarly standards.

Since Windward is a college preparatory school, students must graduate prepared for the academic expectations at the college level. To be ready, students must learn the principles of and skills for producing sound academic work. Windward teachers and administrators strive to educate students on how to work honestly, collaborate responsibly, and behave with integrity in an academic environment.

A Windward education encourages students to pursue academic excellence and grow as scholars. This pursuit, however, can only take place when students approach learning activities in an honest and ethical fashion. The School expects its students to do the best that they can academically, but to do so without seeking to gain unfair advantages. The academic integrity policy thus supports Windward’s educational mission.

The Academic Integrity Advisory Board (AIAB) is composed of students and faculty who work together to promote a culture of integrity at Windward.

Mission and Goals of the AI Advisory Board
  • Create a healthly, honest, and safe environment with high standards for academic integrity at Windward
  • Educate the community and spread awareness about academic integrity
  • Instill a sense of pride in honest work in students
  • Foster a culture of responsibility and academic honesty at Windward
  • Clarify what is and what is not acceptable academic behavior and the consequences of inappropriate actions

Academic Integrity Task Force

The Academic Integrity Task Force was composed of faculty members from all departments who joined with Windward Student Prefects to research best practices for building on Windward’s commitment to help students mature into well prepared and ethical individuals. The Task Force’s work met Strategic Goals 1, 2, and 5 (Educational Program; Student Services; Inclusive Community and Global Citizenship).

Windward students played a significant role in seeing the initiative through to the creation of the Windward Academic Integrity Policy. (See above.) Students helped lead a full-faculty in-service to help explain how the policy came to be, and how faculty, students, and administration can work together to increase academic integrity at Windward.

Dr. Brad Zakarin of Northwestern University partnered with Windward to guide us through the process.
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