Digital Devices

Program Philosophy

Windward believes that students should be able to think creatively, work collaboratively, exhibit technological fluency, and be aware of themselves as learners. We chose the iPad as our primary device in Grades 7-10 due to its ability to meet these goals in a variety of ways. The iPad is arguably the most flexible one-to-one device. It offers a diverse range of apps to meet learning goals, has built in media and creative tools, an intuitive touch screen, and is incredibly portable and mobile. Even with this list of features in its favor, we understand that one device does not fit all needs. Therefore, Windward provides access to alternative devices in classrooms, in the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), and for specific classes such as Graphic Design, Computer Programming, and Robotics.

As students gain competency with technology, we begin encouraging them to identify what device(s) best meet their learning goals. Our current 11th-Grade class employs a device of choice model, where students are able to choose either an iPad or laptop computer as their primary school device.

Program Highlights

List of 3 items.

  • Technological Fluency

    Students have gained technological fluency while unleashing their creativity and working collaboratively in a self-regulated learning environment.
  • Curriculum Integration

    Faculty involved with the program have worked to incorporate this dynamic technological tool in an organic manner, encouraging active learning and discovery in a multitude of ways.
  • Professional Development and Technology

    The CTL provides workshops and support for both teachers and students to maximize the potential of digital devices in the learning environment. We constantly strive to use technology in innovative, yet meaningful ways, while we assess its effectiveness in the classroom.
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