The CREATE Studio (Collaborative Resources for Engineers, Artists, Technologists, and Entrepreneurs) is a library of tools, materials, and resources for making. We are a supportive and symbiotic community that welcomes all disciplines, fields of interest, and levels of experience. We know making is a critical element in developing innovative thinkers and in creating an environment of active curiosity and idea exploration.

We value grit; mistakes and failures make us and our creations stronger. We believe that 
making is the best way to empower students to become more than just consumers: to become hobbyists, entrepreneurs, critics, advisors, and active learners.   

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“The CREATE Studio helps students pursue more hands-on activities, which will not only improve their spatial reasoning skills, but also help improve their understanding of the world around them." 

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#Timelapse of's Mech. If you're unfamiliar with that you're out of touch with today's youth. #overwatch #videogame

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We're cutting out Linda! #createstudio #stickers #vinylcutter

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