Wildcats in College

Wildcat Athletes in College: 2003-Present

Windward Athletics has a strong tradition of alumni athletes who go on to success in college athletics and beyond. Here is a list of recent alums who are participating in collegiate athletics.

Class of 2018
Jeffrey Allen, Cross Country at Haverford College
Jules Bernard, Basketball at UCLA
Will Cook III, Baseball at California Institute of Technology
Kamil English, Basketball at Pomona College
Sela Kay, Basketball at Bowdoin College
Mia Parker, Softball at George Washington University
Tyler Smith, Baseball at San Jose State University
Ethan Webster, Swimming at Tufts University

Class of 2017
Tyler Collins, Basketball at Oberlin
Erin Davis, Volleyball at UNLV
Aaron Forman, Soccer at Carleton
Daria Kim-Percy, Volleyball at Amherst College
Matthew Lurie, Tennis at Johns Hopkins
JP Mortenson, Swimming at Dartmouth
Alec Rabinowitz, Tennis at Emory
Alyssa Ramlochan, Basketball at Occidental
Jordan Sacks, Basketball at Oberlin
Lulu Strauss, Volleyball at Bard

Class of 2016
Breland Brandt, UCLA, Football
Jordan Burg, Fordham, Football
Josh Chambers, UCLA, Football
Alex Coletta, LMU, Rowing
Jewelia Ferguson, Wesleyan, Basketball
Jack Ginsberg, Wesleyan, Baseball
Luke Goldstein, Weleyan, Baseball
Brendan Harshberger, Williams, Track
Janika Ho, Bates, Swimming
Howard Hobson, Cal State Northridge, Track
Chuck Isgar, Emory, Golf
William Line, Swarthmore, Baseball
Joaquin Murrieta, Kenyon, Baseball
Danielle Samuel, Chapman, Basketball
McCayla Smith, San Diego State, Rowing
Jayde Woods, Oregon, Basketball

Class of 2015
Roy Hemsley, USC, Football
Christina Cornelius, Harvard, Volleyball
Emily Surloff, Columbia, Basketball
Brooke Edwards, Emory University, Soccer
Luke Martin-Resnick, Santa Clara University, Baseball
Tommy Turner, Chapman University, Baseball
Tyler McMorrow, USC, Baseball 
Nick Moreno, Carnegie Mellon, Golf
Jackson Kogan, Brandeis, Tennis
Maddox Kay, Brandeis, Track
Marie Line, George Washington University, Sailing
Eli Silverman-Lloyd, Oberlin College, Basketball 

Class of 2014
Jordin Canada, UCLA, Basketball
Kristen Simon, USC, Basketball
Macchi Smith, Bentley College, Basketball
Sarah Trenton, Bowdoin, Volleyball & Track
Drew Pion, UCSB, Volleyball
Austin Webster, Notre Dame, Football
Oliver Curry, George Washington, Soccer
Asha Walker, Amherst, Volleyball
Drew Bryant, Amherst, Football
Connor Simpson, Case Western, Football
Lorenzo Lau, Tufts, Swimming

Class of 2013

Charles Dawson III, UCLA, Football
Aleina Edwards, University of Pennsylvania, Fencing
Hannah Holmes, Tulane University, Sand Volleyball
Courtney Jaco, USC, Basketball
Jasmine Johnson, University of Missouri, Soccer
Kurt Kirschner, University of Chicago, Football
Jordan Wilson, Northern Colorado University, Basketball

Class of 2012
Paris Baird, San Jose State University, Basketball
Mitchell Brisacher, Willamette University, Football
Samuel Hake, Washington University, Football
Luke Silverman-Lloyd, Washington University, Basketball
Imani Stafford, University of Texas, Basketball
Nicholas Stover, Loyola Marymount University, Basketball
Michael Tashman, Miami University, Football
Matthew Walker, Oberlin College, Basketball

Class of 2011
Miles Gueno, Oberlin College, Basketball
Cameron Low, Carnegie Mellon University, Golf
Nora Martin-Resnick, Kenyon College, Softball
Sam Miller, University of Delaware, Football
Kunal Patel, Washington University, Baseball
Wesley Saunders, Harvard University, Basketball
Samantha Shapiro, Stanford University, Gymnastics
Milca Toskovic, Dartmouth College, Basketball

Class of 2010
Fred Elias, Bowdoin College, Swimming
A.J. Frank, Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst, Football
Kwame Firempong, Tufts University, Basketball
Henry Kasiske, Bard College, Volleyball
Curren Krasnoff, Hamilton College, Football
Blayr Jimmerson, Linwood College, Football
James Ondaatje, Harvard University, Crew
Alex Papalian, Union College, Football
Sierra Worthy, Columbia University, Volleyball

Class of 2009
Jonny Black, Haverford College, Baseball
Jennifer Borderud, Williams College, Basketball
Samantha Friedman, Skidmore College, Volleyball
David Grunfeld, College of Wooster, Baseball
Tyler Heineman, UCLA, Baseball
Qorreah Joice, Mount San Antonio College, Basketball
Ellis Kolber, University of Michigan, Rugby
Simone Lutu, Cal State Fullerton, Basketball
Darius Morris, University of Michigan, Basketball
Harris Rabin, UC San Diego, Soccer
Evan Sawyer, UC Berkeley, Crew
Emiko Smith, University of Denver, Basketball
Anthony Stover, UCLA, Basketball
Emily Varni, Colby College, Volleyball
Malcolm Washington, University of Pennsylvania, Basketball
Jesse Weiss, Kenyon College, Baseball

Class of 2008
Monica DeAngelis, Loyola Marymount University, Basketball
Lindsay Hammond, University of Puget Sound, Crew
Daniel Latimer, Loyola Marymount University, Basketball
Evan Lee, UCLA, Tennis
John Mannogian, USC, Football
Lindsey Pollock, UCLA, Crew
Rana Simpson, UC Irvine, Basketball
Kenisha Smith, University of Rochester, Track and Field
Chloe Souza, Macalester College, Softball
Josh Weber, Vassar College, Tennis
Class of 2007
Ben Kaplan, University of Texas, Baseball
Steven Stanwyck, University of Texas, Rugby

Class of 2006
Hailey Dunham, USC, Basketball
Grant Friedman, Pomona-Pitzer College, Tennis
Brady Fujikawa, New York University, Volleyball
Cedric Latimer, Saint Francis University, Basketball
Erica Latimer UCLA, Basketball
Chris Lee, Carnegie Mellon University, Golf
Dustin Minium, Dennison College, Soccer

Class of 2005
Julia Cummings, Amherst College, Soccer/Softball
Jamie Melas, Boston College, Soccer
Andrew Utas, Vassar College, Track/CC

Class of 2004
Katie Bernett, Lewis & Clark College, Soccer
Danny Fujikawa, New York University, Volleyball
Ali Landes, Tufts University, Basketball
Samantha Lyon, Smith College, Volleyball

Class of 2003
Amanda Brooks, Boston College, Softball
Alex Silvester, University of Pennsylvania, Swimming
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