Innovation, Collaboration Drives Earth Science Showcase

On Jan. 30 and Jan. 31, Geraldine Loveless’ and Dorothy Lee’s Eighth Grade Science classes proudly presented their Earth Science Coding Projects. The culmination of a month-long dive into various aspects of Earth Science, the showcase was split between three exhibits.

The first highlighted evidence that supported the Theory of Plate Tectonics, students seeking proof by way of examples such as earthquake depth and fossil findings.

The second exhibit covered the Earth’s layer composition. Students analyzed the refraction and reflection of seismic waves, as well as how pressure, temperature, and density change in Earth’s layers.

Finally, exhibit three examined the moving nature of tectonic plates, most specifically in regard to convection, or heat transfer due to the bulk movement of molecules within fluids such as gases and liquids.

Once assigned to an exhibit, students were tasked to sketch plans, write a detailed gallery card, and include numerous visual inputs and outputs to further showcase their specific focus. They then invited members of Windward Seventh Grade Science classes to come and assess their designs, including initial thoughts and possible improvements.

A shining example of the innovative nature of Windward’s curriculum, as well as the collaborative spirit of our students, the resulting showcase proved engaging and informative to all involved.
Windward School is a 7-12, co-educational, independent day school in Los Angeles, California.