Seniors Sign at College Commitment Ceremony

On November 14, Windward’s Senior scholar-athletes dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s at our Fall Athletic College Commitment Ceremony. The event allowed the School, as well as parents, coaches, and peers, to honor the achievements of our scholar-athletes as they prepare to take the next step in their athletic and educational journeys. Read on below to see what our college commits have to say about their future, as well as how Windward helped them to prepare for the next level, then view our full gallery here

Sarai Zedingil, Soccer, LMU
On how she chose her school: The main and most important reason I chose LMU was because I fell in love with it. The playing style of the team, as well as the dynamic, matched those that I had been around my entire life, and the ability to continue those ideologies automatically caught my attention.

On how Windward helped her to prepare: Most of the help that I received from Windward was on the academic side of everything. There were times where I had to miss entire weeks of school, and all of my teachers and counselors helped me balance that without getting behind in school.

Words from her coach: A pleasure to coach and a huge asset to the Girls Soccer Program, Sarai's influence on the Girls Soccer program has been instrumental in raising the profile of our program in an extremely positive way.

Auden McCaw, Volleyball, Pepperdine
On how he chose his school: The community that has been created by the athletes and the coaching staff at Pepperdine was one of the main factors for my commitment. Their loyalty, pursuit of perfection in each athlete, and prerogative to make each athlete a better person were all major factors in my decision.

On how Windward helped him to prepare: Our school has helped me become a well-rounded individual and has allowed me to become a very competent person. With the guidance of Nils and the rest of the athletic department, I am now able to approach my sport in the most focused and mature way possible.

Words from his coach: Auden has been an example of growth and learning to all his teammates, and the hard work he's put in has already started paying off.

Kaiyah Corona, Basketball, Dartmouth College
On how she chose her school: I chose Dartmouth College because as a scholar-athlete, I was looking for a challenge on and off the court, as well as a diverse culture that will foster my growth as an individual. Most importantly, I wanted an environment that felt like home.

On how Windward helped her to prepare: Windward Basketball has helped prepare me for the next level attributed by the college-like practices and the opportunity to lead a team. The college-like practices give me an advantage going into college.

Words from her coach: I have never coached a player who has done so much growing at Windward; academically, athletically, and personally. I could not be more proud of her. 

Vince Dolcemaschio, Baseball, Oberlin College
On how he chose his school: I chose Oberlin because of the love I felt from the coaches and players when I went for my fall visit.

On how Windward helped him to prepare: Playing baseball at Windward has shown me, most importantly, how to learn from my mistakes, as well as the work ethic needed to exceed at the next level.

Words from his coach: Vince is an embodiment of what our team values in every single way possible. As a captain, he makes a large impact on our team and players both on and off of the field.

Charisma Osborne, Basketball, UCLA
On how she chose her school: I chose UCLA because it provides both a world-class education and competitive athletic atmosphere with incredible tradition.
On how Windward helped her to prepare: I believe that Windward has really prepared me both academically and athletically. They have challenged me in many ways with balancing my academic load and basketball.

Words from her coachBecause of her great discipline  determination, and mental toughness Charisma has EARNED her scholarship to UCLA, and we are very excited to continue to watch her growth this season, at the college level, and beyond!

Luke Tanner, Baseball, Northwestern
On how he chose his school: I chose Northwestern because the coaches are extremely welcoming and kind, their new athletic facilities are incredibly impressive, and they play against strong competition..
On how Windward helped him to prepare: Windward has prepared me for college baseball by pushing me to be my best and become a more confident player.

Words from his coach: Luke is an unbelievably talented player who continues to grow as a player and individual. With a quiet personality, he is a great example for our underclassmen.
Asia Marrero, Basketball, NYU
On how she chose her school:  I love New York City and NYU was a dream school. It just felt like the perfect fit for me. It is one of the top universities in the country.

On how Windward helped her to prepare: Windward has given me a strong foundation. My teachers have taught me higher level, critical thinking and prepared me for a rigorous college education.

Words from her coach: Always a serious and committed student, Asia has combined her academic prowess with her passion for basketball, and we are excited to see her suit up for NYU next season.
Marin Willick, Volleyball, UCSD
On how she chose her school:  I fell in love with UC San Diego the first time I stepped on the campus. The location, high level athletics, and challenging academics are a perfect fit for me as a student athlete.

On how Windward helped her to prepare:  Windward has been so supportive of my athletic training and pursuit to get to this level. From the students, teachers, and administrators, everyone has been so helpful.

Words from her coach: Marin is a fierce competitor who demonstrates commitment, dedication, and a desire to to win. Her physical skill, strong mindset, and self discipline have made her a successful volleyball player.

Wes Burton, Baseball, Ole Miss
On how he chose his school: First and foremost, the opportunity to play for a storied, perennial Top-10 Division 1 college baseball program, dating back over 100 years is special, especially a program headed by Coach Mike Bianco, the longest tenured Head Coach in the Southeastern Conference, the strongest baseball conference in the NCAA.

Words from his coach: Wes is an extremely hard working individual who is meticulous about his work and to constantly mastering his craft. He works all hours of the day, many times being the first to show up and the last person to leave.


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