Faculty Spotlight: Mya Caruso

Math Department, Chair

Tufts University - B.A.

If there's one thing Mya Caruso has learned from students during her teaching career, it’s: “Expect the unexpected.”
This unpredictability offers a welcome dynamic for Mya, who thrives in an active environment. She shares that quality with Windward students, whom she says are: “involved, curious, and aware.”
Since joining Windward in 2011, Mya has particularly come to appreciate the openness of Windward students as they explore their interests at school. “There's so much opportunity for both students and teachers,” she says. “There's never a lack of something to do or be a part of, which makes Windward a very stimulating place.”
Mya has benefited from many of those opportunities herself. “Windward offers me a chance to work with professionals in a creative and collaborative environment where teachers have a lot more control and influence on what happens in the classroom and school as a whole than in my previous schools,” she says. “As department chair, I've definitely improved my leadership skills and worked with other teachers to update many of the courses integrating technology into lessons with apps like Desmos and Buzzmath and the graphing calculator.
These tools and activities help engage students in their learning, says Mya, who wrote her master’s thesis at UCLA on “Increasing Students’ Interest and Motivation to Study Advanced Mathematics.” 
Windward School is a 7-12, co-educational, independent day school in Los Angeles, California.