Past Events

As part of Windward's commitment to providing an open, nurturing campus for all students, parents, and faculty, the School regularly hosts events to showcase and celebrate our diverse community. Below you'll find examples of this ongoing work. 

National Coming Out Day

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On October 11, 1987, half a million people participated in the March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. This event was a catalyst for the inception of many special interest groups to advocate for rights for people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. Since then, October 11 has evolved into National Coming Out Day, a nationally observed day to promote a safe world for LGBTQ+ individuals.
Windward currently has two student groups that support our LGBTQ+ community. SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance) is committed to creating a safe space for all community members to gather and become well-informed in gender and sexuality diversity issues as well as to model allyship. SPECTRUM is an affinity group for any LGBTQ+ students to meet and hang out in a casual and safe environment.

Tales at the Table Podcast (TATT)

Tales at the Table

On November 14, Windward’s campus was home to a heartwarming display of fellowship and community at the School’s annual Tales at the Table. Featuring amazing personal stories from students, parents, alumni, and faculty, the evening shone a light on our ongoing work in building our Diversity and Inclusivity initiative.
Following a delicious meal of assorted multicultural dishes courtesy of our CulinArt team, our speakers spoke freely of their own personal experiences with culture, identity, perception, and their place in the Windward community.
The night served as both a tribute to individuality and a reminder of shared responsibility, deepening the incredible sense of togetherness we feel on campus every day.
“Tales At The Table was an outstanding event. Each story challenged those of us in attendance to think about what we don't see and how that may impact an individual or family. Our community showed how important the conversations around inclusion and diversity are by their attendance, and we look forward to the event continuing to grow,” said Tyrone Powell, Co-Director of Diversity and Inclusivity.

All Faculty and Staff In-Service

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Throughout the year, the School holds numerous in-services dedicated to advancing and supporting faculty and staff in regards to their work in diversity, equity, and inclusivity. In November, we again hosted guest speaker Andre' Withers, Assistant Head of School at Madeira, who had previously served as the keynote speaker at our inaugural Tales at the Table event.
Andre' led faculty and staff through discussions on topics such as implicit bias, LGBTQ+ support, and how to create an inclusive community. Faculty and staff then broke into small groups to further discuss their role in creating an inclusive, welcoming space for all.

Humanities Learning Series

Introduced in the Fall of 2019, Windward’s Humanities Learning Series was created as a way to further diversify and enhance the voices and perspectives our students encounter across their educational careers.
Focusing specifically on three disciplines—English, History, and World Languages—the series played host to an array of dynamic, informed guest speakers working alongside Windward faculty members to supplement an advanced curriculum.
For the full story, as it appears in the Winter-Spring edition of the Windward Magazine, please click here
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Leadership Conferences

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For the third year in a row, Windward sent a group of representatives to the People of Color Conference (POCC) and the Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC), both of which took place from December 4-7 in Seattle, Washington.
The mission of POCC is to provide a safe space for leadership professionals, development and networking for people of color and allies of all backgrounds in independent schools. The SDLC is a multiracial, multicultural gathering
of every school student leaders from across the U.S. The SDLC focuses on self- reflecting, forming allies, and building community.
For more on their experience, please click here.

Parent Coffee Talks

Windward's parent community are integral to our ongoing work in diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Throughout the 2019-20 school year, parents were invited to learn about and help advance  this important work at a series of Parent Coffee Talks. 
From in-person discussions on creating safer, braver, and more inclusive spaces to virtual roundtables regarding race and processing trauma, our parent involvement saw a marked increase this year.
For a parent perspective on Parent Coffee Talks and the importance of the conversations they spark, please click here
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Day of Silence

Day of Silence poster

On April 24, members of the Windward community virtually participated in the 25th anniversary of GLSEN's Day of Silence. Their silence highlighted the silencing and erasure of LGBTQ people in schools. This silence can come in the form of both being closeted and afraid of expressing your true identity, or in being afraid to speak up for your beliefs in fear of retaliation. 

The issue resonated with many allies, who responded with participation, respect, and support.

Peruvian Student Visit

On January 22, Windward was thrilled to invite a delegation of Peruvian students to campus. Hosted by Windward Global Scholars and Spanish Honors Society students, the invitees attended morning classes and Seminar along with their hosts, shared lunch with our students, attended afternoon Advanced Spanish classes, and took part in 8th period electives such as Hydroponic Gardening and Debate. 

While the day certainly left an influence on our Peruvian guests, the impact was felt just as strongly by our students. The shared experience helped them to stretch their social and language skills, grow as leaders, and connect with other students from thousands of miles away. The day ended with exchanges of smiles, hugs, and contact info, launching enduring connections among these students and the Windward community. Said Melanie Arias, Director of Global Programs: “The day was one of those rare moments in which you can feel the world growing so big, and yet so small, all at the same time.” 
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