Our Promise

Mission Statement

Windward School’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is an integral part of its educational fabric, inextricably linked to the mission of the School. Windward School is determined to create a welcoming community that embraces diversity and encourages students to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the diverse world they inherit.
At all times, Windward School strives to:
  • appreciate and celebrate the origin and individuality of each member of the school community.
  • respect the innate dignity of each person, which is reflected in the school’s curriculum and co-curriculum. 
  • instill in its students a clear sense of self and a clear understanding of their present and future responsibilities as educated members of our global community. 
  • imbue students with the notion that they learn, work, live, and play in a world populated by individuals and groups of many races, ethnicities, religions, and resources, as well as varied learning styles, physical abilities, and sexual orientations.
  • offer an inclusive, multicultural curriculum that nurtures independence and individual growth and helps prepare each student to continue in higher education.
  • encourage every member of the community to actively participate in respectful and inclusive social interaction.
We hope that as a consequence of Windward’s commitment to diversity, our graduates regard learning as a lifetime process, and strive to enhance their intellectual, moral and ethical reasoning while fostering respect for themselves and others. 
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