Today, Tomorrow, Together

boys hugging
An important storyline repeats throughout Windward’s history. It is a tale of growth to keep pace with the educational needs of our students.
To meet these needs, we must provide the spaces in which our students can develop the 21st century skills that will serve them throughout their lives.
The classrooms of tomorrow must be large enough and flexible enough to allow for the collaboration, communication, design thinking, and problem-solving skills that will help our students find success in this rapidly changing world. 

While our commitment to equip our students with 21st century skills is unwavering, we lack the facilities to properly house current programs and personnel and establish new ones.
The growth of a number of these programs, which are critical to student learning and development, is inhibited by our lack of adequate facilities. To continue to fulfill our mission of providing a dynamic, engaging education in a nurturing, inclusive community, our school’s physical plant must be updated to accommodate how education and society have evolved.