Windward School is committed to a transportation management program, which encompasses bus ridership, carpool incentives, bicycling promotions and limits on the number of vehicles. 
Windward has contracted with the firm of Hirsch Green Transportation Consulting Inc., to routinely conduct an independent assessment of the School’s traffic flow and make suggestions on how to reduce traffic in the surrounding neighborhood.
Windward School Traffic Management Plan 
1) Enhance the existing School bus service
2) Limit the number of student drivers vehicle occupants 
3) Increase the efficiency of parent (and adult)-driven carpools
4) Assist with and encourage the formation of carpools for School faculty and staff
5) Assist with public transit usage for students and faculty/staff
6) Encourage bicycle usage 
7) Establish a Monitoring Program to Assure Compliance with the TDM Plan 

Neighborhood Patrols

Windward holds additional patrols on surrounding streets before and after school to supervise traffic, monitor for jaywalking, assist with pedestrian crossing, and control parking and noise.

Traffic Mitigation

The School reduces the number of cars coming to campus through additional school bus lines, carpool incentives, and biking promotion.  

Parking Management

The School implements enhanced parking management during major School events to help prevent street congestion.