Peak Performance Center

Windward’s Peak Performance Center strives to create a community-wide culture of wellness that promotes both physical and mental health through a commitment to a balanced lifestyle. 

Student Peak Performance

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  • Healthy Campus

    Windward encourages a healthy lifestyle by offering fresh foods and nutrious meal options at Windward's Pavilion dining facility, which is conducive to both training and learning of any kind.
  • Healthy Mindset

    Studies show that rest can play a critical role in peak performance, particularily for adolescents. Starting in the fall of 2015, Windward implemented one "late start" day per week, allowing students a bit of breathing room to catch up on sleep and study mid-week.
  • Healthy Students

    Windward's dynamic programs seek to maximize student engagement while providing a nurturing environment to support growth. In 2012, Windward began working with the Challenge Success Program, a project of Stanford's Graduate School of Education. Windward's Challenge Success team, comprised of faculty, students, and administrators, leads ongoing work in an attempt to increase engagement at all grade levels without also increasing the pressures that students already perceive in their lives.

Peak Performance Center Hours

Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Meet the Coordinator

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  • Kermit Cannon 

    Peak Performance Center Coordinator
    (424) 289-1063
"Windward's vision is to support students in ways that will ultimately prepare them to lead happy, healthy and meaningful lives."

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