Admissions FAQ

Q Why Windward School?

Every student at Windward can find his/her niche and his/her passion, whether it is through the traditional college preparatory courses offered, the various athletic opportunities, visual and performing arts events, or co-curricular activities. Students have a chance to get involved in the community and develop skills that help them to develop as strong, independent young adults. From yearbook to student leadership to robotics, there are so many ways for students to become active members of the community.

Q If I have a child at Windward School and would like his/her sibling to apply, what do I do?

As a school committed to sustaining a strong sense of community, Windward realizes the benefits of family members attending the School. However, what is right for one child may not be correct placement for his or her sibling. Siblings will only be admitted if they have demonstrated qualities likely to lead to their success at Windward.
Siblings of current students and children of alumni and legacy families who have sustained a supportive relationship with the School will be given preference when all other factors are equal, although admission to Windward is not guaranteed. In addition to applying to Windward, it is strongly recommended that all families apply to other schools.

Sibling and legacy applicants need to apply by September 25, 2019 and take their ISEE exam in December.

Transcripts and recommendation forms are submitted with all other applicants, after December 1, 2019 but no later than January 17, 2020.

Q How many applications does Windward receive, and how many students are admitted to each grade?

In the 2018-19 academic year, Windward received over 550 applications for Grades 7-11. We aim to admit 84 students to Seventh Grade, and 20 students to Upper School.

Q What is the average class size?

The average class size is 16, although more advanced level courses may be smaller.

Q What type of students do you accept?

Windward seeks to attract a diverse student body of students with high academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, and a wide variety of interests. Students should be willing to contribute to the entire Windward community.

Windward School admits students of any race, color, religion, sexual orientation, and national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the School.

Q How will I see the campus and are applicants allowed to visit for the day?

Open Houses are held in the Fall. If you are unable to attend a Parent or a Student Shadow Afternoon Open House, a campus tour is provided during the admissions interview. Tours are led by Windward student admissions ambassadors.

Families are encouraged to attend Open Houses, to tour during the interview, and to visit campus for sporting or arts events.

Q Is financial aid available to my family?

Families may apply for financial aid by indicating their intent on the admissions application. A financial aid packet will be sent electronically, and all required forms must be returned to the business office by February 1, 2020. Financial aid at Windward is need-based; merit and athletic scholarships are not offered. Windward provides support for students beyond tuition and fees. Families who receive financial aid are also eligible to receive assistance with school activities, such as prom, foreign language exchanges, and for the purchase of textbooks. Financial aid decisions are made independently of admissions.

Q How much weight is placed on the ISEE/ERB exam?

The admissions committee rates a student based on grades, teacher recommendations, administrative recommendation, test scores, and the interview. Windward's admissions committee makes every effort to find the right match for the student and for the School. The ISEE counts for one-fifth of the total evaluation.

Q How will I know when the required materials have been received and the admissions file is complete?

The Admissions Office will contact you to make an interview appointment and let you know if any forms have not been received.

Q How will I know that I am registered for an Open House?

Once you have submitted your online reservation, a screen will immediately pop up that confirms your registration and you will receive a confirmation email as well. The Registrar’s Office will contact you only if there is no longer space on your preferred Open House date. A week before the event, you will receive a reminder notice. If you have any questions about your reservation, please contact Admissions Associate, Lauren Rice, at 424-289-1001. 

Q What activities can I become involved in outside of class?

There are many ways for students to become active members of the community. Students are encouraged to participate in sports, community service, chamber orchestra, chorus, improvisation, dance, film club, speech and debate, yearbook, robotics, and many other options. Each year, Windward students create new clubs depending on their interests.

Q How much homework do students have per night?

The amount of homework depends on the course load of the student. On a normal school day, Windward students can expect anywhere from one hour and 45 minutes to two hours of homework per night.

Q How many graduates go on to attend college?

100% of Windward graduates are accepted to college.  

Q Is bus service available?

Bus service is provided, depending on the numbers of interested families in a particular area. Please contact Vanessa Vazquez in the Business Office (ext. 1016) for more details about the current bus route.

Q How can I get answers to questions about admissions that are not addressed on your web site?

Most answers will be found in the online application; however, if you have further questions, please contact Lauren Rice at 424-289-1001.