Windward Omnicats

FIRST Team 1452: Omnicats was founded at Windward School in 2004. Our motto, "Student Designed, Student Built," truly reflects the way things work around here. As our motto states, our students completely design and build our robot.  So far this year, at the Canadian Pacific Regional the team made it to quarterfinals and won the Gracious Professionalism Award, Pit Safety Award and were a runner-up for the Industrial Safety Award. 

In 2018, the team won the Safety Award at the Utah Regional FRC and the Los Angeles Regional FRC, as well as making it to semifinals with Nerd Herd and Spartatronics.  In 2016, the team were finalists at the Los Angeles Regional FRC with teams 330: Beach Bots and 294: Beach Cities. In 2010, the team won the Los Angeles Regional FRC with Team 1717 the D'Penguineers and team 330 the Beach Bots. The team was awarded the Rookie Inspiration Award at the Los Angeles Regional FRC in 2004.  

Mission Statement

The Windward Omnicats are a robotics team that believes in building a great robot independently while still having fun. We are a close-knit team of friends and companions who aspire to build robots not just for FRC, but for the enhancement of our community as a whole.

Student Designed, Student Built.
The Omnicats firmly abide by their slogan, “Student Designed. Student Built.” This approach allows students to engage in a learning experience independent from professional mentors so that they may express their ideas freely and work in an environment where they can learn from their mistakes. 

Omnicats Manifesto

Windward Robotics is a team. As such they strive to embody certain principles and demand a certain code of behavior. In this way, the Windward Omnicats represents the excellent Windward traditions of academics, team sports, and community service. Expectations include the following:

Design Process

The Omnicats take pride in promoting a collaborative environment when designing their robots. Every member of the Omnicats, whether they are on the Chassis or Public Relations units, takes part in the design process.
This special process allows every member to voice their ideas as well as contribute to the outcome of prototypes and final robots.


FIRST Team 1452

  • 2019 Canadian Pacific Regional: Gracious Professionalism Award, Pit Safety Award, Runners-Up for the Safety Award
  • 2018 Los Angeles Regional: Safety Award   
  • 2018 Utah Regional: Safety Award
  • 2017 Los Angeles Regional: Runners-Up for the Safety Award
  • 2016 Los Angeles Regional: Semi-Finalists
  • 2016 Los Angeles Fall Classic: Judge's Award
  • ​2010 Los Angeles Regional: Winner
  • 2004 Los Angeles Regional: Rookie Inspiration Award

Windward VEX Robotics

  • 2019: California State Championship Semifinalists
  • 2018 High Desert League: Tournament Champion
  • 2018 High Desert League: Tournament Finalist (2nd place)
  • 2018 High Desert League: Teamwork Award
  • 2018 High Desert League: Think Award
  • 2016 Chaminade Nothing But Net VEX Tournament: Judges Award
  • 2013 Northern San Diego Regional: Tournament Champion
  • 2013 Northern San Diego Regional: Programming Challenge Winner 
  • 2013 Northern San Diego Regional: Think Award
  • 2013 Northern San Diego Regional: Sportsmanship Award
  • 2013 Northern San Diego Regional: Safety Award
  • 2013 Windward Early Scrimmage: Amaze Award
  •  2012 Northern San Diego Regional: Think Award