The Music Department provides an energetic, dynamic, and engaging program for students who are passionate about vocal and/or instrumental music.
Within our ensembles, students will have the opportunity to develop and refine their technical and musical skills through the rigorous study of jazz, classical, musical theater, and contemporary musical styles. Windward music students receive responsive instruction in a secure and nurturing environment that balances the development of individual musicianship and technique with the cultivation of robustly collaborative ensemble skills. All Music Department students have the opportunity to study privately on-campus with our team of extraordinary Music Mentors who are each experts in their own instruments.
Past years performances have included professional venues such as the AT&T Center, The Conga Room, The Broad Stage, and The Fonda Theater.

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Music Mentors

Michael Day
Michael Day, Instrumental Music Lead

Striving for excellence in multiple creative directions, Windward Music sets a standard for performance, composition, and limitless collaboration. The curriculum will be modeled after real life performance situations where applicable theory, artistic collaboration, and exceptional musical expectations all come to grow and flourish. 

Intentional listening, and democratic ensemble cohesion provides students with both safety and inclusion for their creative explorations. The American cannon of improvised music will be presented and shared with students with an eye for academic rigor, while making room for personal investigation. Adding the singular voices of our valuable students is the center-most frame for all of our performances and classes. 

Windward Music is committed to encouraging the next generation of musicians to step into their own voice with as much support, knowledge, and application for their future musical endeavors.