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With a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to dance education, Windward Dance offers beginning through advanced level coursework.

The curriculum takes the depth and rigor of a discipline-based dance conservatory, while actively integrating practice, theory, history, and composition for students at every level. 

In addition to creating a safe space for students to take risks and explore their artistic voice, the program also exposes these young artists to the rigor, excitement, and diversity of the professional dance world, maintaining a host of national and international collaborations and exchanges with some of the most prominent dancemakers and educators in the art form. 

Windward Dance, above all, is committed to unearthing personal potential and ensuring each individual student who moves through our program receives encouragement and the opportunity to develop their unique path.  

Dance at Windward

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Dance Company

Middle School Repertory Dance Ensemble

Creating Community

Dance is a fundamental part of the human experience and human connection. The relationships we have built with local schools offering dance education for all children, affords Windward students passionate about dance and service real world experiences; ones that demonstrate dance can be a path to personal growth and mentorship, and have transformative potential to change the life of one or inspire social change.

Dance Masters

This course is designed for students in their Junior and Senior year who wish to pursue their art at the college level. Whether considering a full time arts conservatory, pursuing a minor in dance along with their academic major at a university, or utilizing their extensive experience and commitment to dance to bolster a general application, each student will have the resources to meet their needs.  

Alesia Young
Alesia Young, Area Advisor: Dance
Our goal is to create a dance program that offers the fullest in dance education beyond traditional studio offerings; one on track with the constantly evolving landscape of the professional dance world and simultaneously in tune with the individual development of each student. We take time to imagine how a student will grow and contribute both within the Windward community and out in the world. Ultimately, we want our student-artists to think of Windward Dance as their home and cultivate the skills, artistry, connection, and caring to be able to establish transformative creative communities of their own.