Performing Arts

At the heart of the Performing Arts Department is a commitment to process; to helping students learn and experience what it is to be an artist. The Performing Arts Department offers a variety of courses in dance, instrumental and vocal music, and theater, to demonstrate the breadth and depth of each discipline and to supply opportunities in the arts for the wide range of Windward students attracted to our programs. Ensemble building, creativity and discovery, artistic rigor and contribution, and the development of a clearly articulated voice are at the core of our philosophy.
With dynamic facilities, a growing body of full-time and guest faculty working professionally at the top of their fields, and a steady influx of talented new student artists, Windward Performing Arts seeks to provide a creative, challenging, and nurturing environment that offers the highest quality of instruction to every student. This aim seeks to serve both the bright and talented student coming to experience the pure enjoyment and appreciation of the arts to those seeking unparalleled preparation for higher education and beyond.