At Windward, we define entrepreneurship in the same way as the World Economic Forum: “a process that results in creativity, innovation and growth. Innovative entrepreneurs come in all shapes and forms; its benefits are not limited to startups, innovative ventures, and new jobs. Entrepreneurship refers to an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action and is therefore a key competence for all."
The Entrepreneurship program seeks to inspire an entrepreneurial spirit in students. It is designed to raise students’ confidence while at the same time developing mental fortitude and flexibility. It also seeks to present students with real world experience and opportunities at solving difficult problems through creative thinking.
• Developing creativity, innovation, and collaboration across disciplines;
• Developing an attitude and desire to explore, experiment, innovate, and create;
• Developing an understanding that failure is a critical part of the creative process and an essential aspect of learning and growth;
• Developing a willingness to take responsible risks;
• Developing leadership and communication skills through a clear articulation of vision
and demonstrating self-motivation; and
• Developing perseverance through creative problem-solving.

Buy it on The Bridge

student entrepreneur fair

Buy it on the Bridge fosters the entrepreneurial spirit among current Windward students by providing a forum for student businesses. Through periodic events, student entrepreneurs sell their original creations, learning about marketing, brand development, inventory, sales strategies, and over product design along the way.

Are YOU an Entrepreneur?


In this class, students learn about traits held by successful entrepreneurs. They explore design thinking practices and practice getting and implementing feedback. 

Think Differently


This course helps students gain and hone the skills that are necessary to be successful entrepreneurs by exposing students to the different types of entrepreneurship.  

group of students posing for photo