College Counseling

In keeping with Windward’s nurturing community, our College Counseling program aims to guide students and their families step-by-step through the complexities of the college process.

Our college counselors steer students toward discovering college environments and learning communities best suited for individual talents and goals. Our goal is to create a culture that focuses not on a school’s ranking, but rather upon how each institution meets the individual needs of our graduates. 


We encourage students to take ownership of the college search and application process; this includes conducting research by reading college guidebooks, exploring websites, visiting college campuses, and attending college information sessions both on the Windward campus and in the Los Angeles area.

While finding the appropriate college match for each student is our goal, we hope to build skills that will serve our students beyond their college years. At the 9th and 10th Grade levels, Windward presents students with opportunities to explore their passions and develop their individual talents and interests, which will be an important factor in their college search process. In their Junior year, students arrange individual meetings with the college counselors to devise a testing plan and to receive direction in their college search. Senior year counseling involves specific guidance in navigating the application process.

Too often the message in college admissions seems to be that where a student matriculates is more important than any other factors in a teenager’s life. All of the pressure and hype can make families lose sight of what is essential at Windward School: maintaining a sense of balance and receiving a dynamic education. We aim to show students that college is a match to be made and not a prize to be won.


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We aim to show students that college is a match to be made and not a prize to be won.

College Counseling FAQ's