W!T Goes to the Dogs in Improvised Film

Windward Communications

The move to a virtual model impacted many of the School’s previously scheduled events, including the annual final performance of the Windward Improv Troupe. Rather than focus on what they couldn’t do, W!T’s Senior members instead chose to adopt a more inspiring outlook—"What can we do BECAUSE we are in this situation?"
The answer is a uniquely clever and often hilarious send up to the classic mockumentary Best in Show, which you can find here. Leaning into their new surroundings, and adopting some furry costars, the W!T team brought their “Yes, And” mentality to the virtual landscape, pushing the boundaries of improv to new and unexpected heights. 

 W!T director Natasha Arnold first had performers create characters through improvised interviews and scenes. Once ready, the cast improvised the short film via Zoom, utilizing earbuds and recording on phones to ensure high quality. The resulting footage was then given to Kurt Scholler, an editor and improviser, to edit alongside Natasha. The spoof-within-a-spoof was then shared with students in a special virtual assembly, providing Seniors with a final celebration of their cumulative talent and dedication.

“The process turned out to be wildly fun and authentically successful,” said Natasha. “W!T has found a way to share creativity together, while being apart. To say I am proud, would be an understatement.”