Windward Theater Area Hosts Hamilton Panel Discussion

Jeff Lake

The first of the Theater Area's Artists In Conversation: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion series occurred October 12-16; it included four sessions throughout the week for our students to learn from and interact with individual guest artists from Hamilton (both the Broadway and touring productions), and learn more about the musical and decolonization of  theater. The week culminated in a final panel discussion with all of the guest artists on Friday, that was open to our community and the public, which included our faculty, students, parents, alumni, and members of neighboring schools, as well as virtual guests from across the country. 

Performing Arts teacher James Patric Moran came away inspired by the speakers’ call to action. “By coming here, sharing perspectives, and challenging norms by example, they are challenging us to raise the bar in our own space. They have shown up because they love the theater, and know that this work is necessary for our American theater to thrive.” 

“Although we are just beginning this work, we are committed to our own education as well as the growth of our students,” said Jordan Fox, Theater Area Lead. “Getting to know our guests during the panel discussions has been so inspiring and we look forward to pursuing this new platform in the future.” 

The Theater Area looks forward to the next series from November 9-13 which will focus on Playwriting: Crafting an Inclusive Narrative.