To-Go Classroom Kits Keep Learning Thriving at Home

Windward Communications
The pandemic hasn’t stopped the Windward community from getting CREATE-ive! Throughout the Fall, students have received to-go kits for their Science, Robotics, and Art classes, which has allowed for hands-on, engaging learning experiences at home. Crafting and making has thrived remotely as well, with CREATE Studio to-go kits available for various workshops, led by CREATE Studio stewards. A huge thanks goes out to our amazing Windward faculty and staff who have been assembling and distributing these various home kits! Our remote learning model has never been more dynamic, and our community is so appreciative of your hard work!

Science Kits
At the start of the school year, science kits were sent to the homes of every student, which has allowed Windward to thrive in a virtual environment. These lab kits help Windward continue to provide hands-on learning experiences during these ever changing times. “The lab kits for Middle School science have turned a good online curriculum into an exceptional online curriculum” said Middle School Science teacher Kevin Kloeker. 
“We are really excited to be able to send materials home to students. It is so important for students to be able to DO science. Students need to see and experience science for themselves in order to get excited by it. Such a large part of our science program is based on labs, hands-on demos, and experiments to bring science to life for our students. For all the reasons this is a great idea when we're in person, it's a great idea virtually too and we'll take any opportunity we're given to send that world home to students. Students have loved this part of our program and have really appreciated the ability to be more directly engaged with the material. In addition, students now spend so much time sedentary and in front of a screen, it's great to get them up and active!” said Science and Technology Chair Becky Carter. 
Thank you to Tri Ngyuen and Regina Rubio for assembling these kits. 
CREATE Studio To-Go Kits
Max Nishimura, Windward’s resident tinkerer, didn’t let the pandemic close the CREATE Studio’s doors. He was determined to ensure that all students could continue crafting and building, even from home. 
CREATE studio to-go-kits include tools and materials from the CREATE Studio so that students can have their own mini-makerspace at home! 
“I believe to-go kits are an essential component to virtual learning as they allow us to continue to work in the physical world. Humans are experiential beings and we learn best when we're creating, building, deconstructing or manipulating tools in the real world. 
The CREATE Studio to-go kit allows students equal access to resources provided by the Studio, and the afternoon workshops we run twice a week provides a community for like-minded, enthusiastic Makers to come together and make,” said Max.

Arts Kits 
The Art department worked tirelessly to assemble to-go kits for students so that they could express their artistic creativity at home. The ability to do art at home has several benefits for students both academically and emotionally. Art materials included paintbrushes, paint, colored pencils, pens, paper, and glue.
Thank you to May Reed for assembling these to-go kits!