Theatre and VMA Combine For Mask Making Workshop

Windward Communications
In May, students in Theatre and Visual & Media Arts teamed up for a special mask making collaboration. The lesson began with students learning about the history of theatrical masks, from the character masks of Italy's Commedia Dell'arte to the animal masks of Bali's Barong dances. Once familiar with the history and importance of these masks, students then moved into the art studio where they designed and built their own theatrical masks! "It was a fun way to come up with a character on our own, create a physical version and build out that character." shared Remy S. ’27.
With their masks complete, students then developed characters and performed improvised scenes using their unique masks, which led to some hilarious moments and many beautiful discoveries. “I was blown away by the students' creativity and commitment,” said Tirosh Schneider, Middle School Acting Core teacher. “It was a thrill to watch the students engage with this rich theatrical history.”
"The mask project was a way to portray my inner thoughts externally, and a way to express my feelings through acting and art,” said Eleanor Z. ’28. “It was freeing, and a way to feel comfortable with my thoughts." 

Mikaella K. ’28 added "The mask project allowed me to learn about other cultures through the different kinds of masks. Normally people want their insides and thoughts to match their outsides, and the masks were a way to portray that."