Spanish Students Awarded for National Spanish Exam

Windward Communications
The results are in! The National Spanish Exam is an online test that measures achievement and interpretive communication of students who are taking Spanish as a second language. The purpose of this exam is to recognize achievement, to promote proficiency, and to assess the national standards that pertain to learning Spanish.  

We're proud to recognize the following students, who earned an award on the National Spanish Exam 2022: 
Silver Medal:
  • Elizabeth Davids
  • Devon Leaf
  • Justin Merritt
  • Griffin Misher
  • Mariana Stasinos
  • Dylan Westheimer
Bronze Medal:
  • Oliver Arenson 
  • Charlotte Cope
  • Lilly Gottlieb
  • Aman Granados-Puvvula
  • Bianca Hayutin
  • Bella Kapoor
  • Van Lindelof
  • Gibson Pauley
  • Jack Phelps
Honorable Mention:
  • Zach Blackman
  • Maya Isaacs
  • Elle Robichaud
  • Ryan Chang
  • Olivia Jerry
  • Oliver Savage
  • Sacha Daneshgar
  • Madeline Kobayashi
  • Zac Silletti
  • Dori Farkas
  • Max Kobayashi
  • Jesse Wiczyk
  • Alec Feldman
  • Jack Luirette
  • Kyler Zanuck
  • Eve Finger
  • Madi Miller
  • Maggie Goldsmith
  • Kennedy Richard

Great work, Wildcats!