Paying It Forward—Barry Turbow ’89

Molly Hudson

For Barry Turbow ’89, going to Windward always felt like a when, not if. Growing up a breezy five minutes from campus, Barry knew the neighborhood, the community, and the close-knit nature that has defined Windward so readily since its inception. When he finally joined the School in 7th Grade, Barry quickly realized that he was right at home. “Windward was such a special place because it was so small and intimate,” he shared of his time on campus. “We were such a small class and we all came from such different backgrounds. We all got along almost because we had to, because we were so different. But that's all we had and I think that's what made it very special.”

Also meaningful were Barry’s relationships with his teachers. From learning to make paella with Spanish teacher Paula Hirsch to talking sports with History teacher Neil Kramer, Barry’s Windward experience was marked by the bonds he formed with the educators around him. “Everybody was so kind,” Barry remembers. “It was more of a collaboration. Kids learn at a different pace and are stimulated in different ways. There were a number of very unique things that I think only a place like Windward can provide relative to a lot of other schools out there. Windward teaches more than just the X’s and O’s. It teaches people to interact, collaborate, talk, and have a voice, being in a safe environment where you can ask questions and have people actually care about your education.”

An avid sports fan, that ability to put things into perspective stayed with Barry as he moved on to Cal State Northridge and eventually landed his dream job working in sports marketing for FOX Sports and Spectrum Reach. “Windward gave me a foundation to realize that even if you're not going to be an athlete, there are other avenues that you can still go to follow your passion and find a career in it, even if you're not going to be the starting pitcher for the Dodgers or the Center for the Lakers.” That lesson came full circle when Barry invited a collection of Windward students to the Spectrum set, allowing them to tour the studio and get insight from the analysts and Lakers legends in attendance. “It was great to see everybody just light up when they walked into our studio. For them to learn and see the control room and every aspect of what it takes to produce a live game or a pregame show and a postgame show, I think it was pretty cool.”

Now serving as a member of Windward’s Alumni Council, Barry encourages all Windwardians—past, present and future—to try and get the most out of their Windward experience. “I really, really appreciated what I got out of Windward, what I experienced relative to what my kids are going through and what they've had. It's truly a special place.” Discussing the role of the Windward Fund and the networking opportunities available to alumni, Barry continued, “I think there's a lot of opportunity at Windward that people should take advantage of. Everybody has a different path and story. I think if they're not taking advantage of it, they're missing out.”