Naomi Rubin ’19 Joins Zoom Lesson

Windward Communications

COVID-19 may have made it more difficult to share physical proximity, but that hasn’t stopped Windward students and faculty from finding new ways to connect. As a way of easing students back into their less-than-normal routines, Performing Arts Teacher and Theater Head Jordan Fox surprised her class with a virtual visit from Windward alum Naomi Rubin ’19.

Connecting via Zoom, Naomi discussed everything from her approach to choosing a college to the challenges of an educational transition to her continued focus on the arts. Her experience at Barnard College proved particularly insightful for the members of Windward’s Senior class, as Naomi detailed important topics such as adjusting to dorm life, making new friends, and charting a solo, independent path. She also discussed the unique ongoing situation shared with her former classmates, sharing details regarding her coursework both before and after the switch to a virtual learning model.

With new insights, as well as the comfort of shared experiences, students came away both encouraged and informed by Naomi’s visit. We’re so thrilled to have such an amazing alumni community—thank you to Naomi for her time and expertise!