Middle School Students Perfect Their Pitches in Shark Tank Lesson

Windward Communications
On October 28, students in the Middle School Entrepreneurship class jumped into the deep end by participating in a special Shark Tank project! As part of the project, students were challenged to invent a toy that taught a math or science concept for children. To prepare, Middle School math and science teachers shared ideas involving concepts that are trickier for some students to master. From there, students came up with ideas, created prototypes, and got feedback from others about their toys.

Once their concepts were finalized, it was time for students to enter The Shark Tank. Presenting to a group of Windward and non-Windward adults, the culmination of the project allowed students the chance to present to a real world audience. Even though our Sharks did not invest any actual money in the ideas, they gave specific feedback about each toy and presentation to the group.
Emily Dawe, instructor and Associate Director of Middle School, was proud of the complex ideas and follow-through of our Middle School students. “Shark Tank gives budding entrepreneurs a real audience to pitch their ideas,” she shared. “Our students did an excellent job and our Sharks came away quite impressed!”