Middle School Service Learning Talks Homeless Prevention With PATH

Windward Communications

On Thursday, May 7, the Middle School Service Learning Program hosted its final event of the school year. 20 Middle School families had the opportunity to participate in a remote presentation and discussion with our community partner PATH (People Assisting the Homeless). In the hour-long event, participants were able to hear about how COVID-19 is specifically impacting the homeless population in Los Angeles and how PATH is helping to prevent it from spreading further. PATH recently launched a relief campaign by the name of “We’re not home until they’re home.” They, along with the city of Los Angeles, have provided immediate services for interim shelters, while their staff members are on the frontlines providing individuals with resources, referrals, and hygiene supplies.

Next, participants took a virtual tour of PATH’s Metro Villas, their new 122 unit affordable and permanent housing facility located in Koreatown, which is set to open at the end of May. This facility will house veterans and individuals with chronic mental health or physical health disabilities. Employment services, health clinics, a community garden, and more will be available to all, not just those housed in the facility.
The event ended with volunteers learning about the variety of ways that individuals can help support PATH and the homeless population. No contribution is too small. Please see the additional links to see the different ways in which you can help. Our families found the event to be both informative and inspiring, and they appreciated the first-hand glimpse into the incredible work of this organization. We look forward to strengthening our partnership with PATH in the coming years!
To view the virtual event, please click here.