Middle School Debate Hosts On-Campus Tournament

Windward Communications

On Saturday, Feb. 4, Windward Debate hosted their first live tournament since the pre-quarantine days! Alongside hosting four rooms of Mock Congress for the high school, 70 debate competitors from nearby private schools came with parents and volunteer judges to take over almost every classroom on campus. Participants debated on topics such as whether or not sports betting should be federally legal, and whether or not the international community ought to prohibit any country from owning nuclear weapons.

Morgan L. '28, Will S. '28, and Luca S. 28 all had strong showings, going 4-0 over-all and coming just a few speaker points from taking first place! Said Debate Teacher Will Vincent, "We are so proud of them--it was a nail-biter in the days leading up to the tournament and the competitors had to give up a few lunches to grind out their debate cases. We can't wait for the next big one!"