Media Arts & Film Lab Students Pair with Cinematographer for Workshop Lesson

Windward Communications
Throughout February, cinematographer Nick Ramsey visited several Media Arts & Film Labs classes for some hands-on workshops using the celebrated Arri Alexa Cinema Camera, a professional cinema camera used to film most motion pictures in the industry. Nick received his MFA in filmmaking from Chapman University and is currently a working cinematographer, concentrating on music videos, commercials, high production value media content, and more. During his visit, he gave an in-depth technical, hands-on workshop to the Film 3-4 classes on cinematography and lighting. He also worked with Film 2 students to recreate and light a scene from American Beauty.
Nick gave two presentations to the 8th Grade Media Arts Film classes, inspiring them to think about cinematography as a future career and to discuss his work with popular social media influencers. Finally, Nick conducted a community workshop in the MAFL and opened it to the entire school, where the students recreated a scene from Joker to light and film in the MAFL Studio.
Thank you to Nick for sharing his time and expertise! To learn more about Nick Ramsey, check out his website