Mandarin Students Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

Windward Communications

On Thursday, Sept. 8 and Friday, Sept. 9, students in Windward’s Mandarin 1A classes came together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Typically falling between mid-September and early October on the Solar Calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the most important holiday in Chinese culture next to Chinese New Year. 

To commemorate this special event, students came together for a traditional “feast”, celebrating the sense of harmony and togetherness by eating mooncake, watching festival videos, and making crafts. They also learned about the famous legend characters of the festival: Lady Chang-e, the jade rabbit, elixir, Archor Hou Yi, and 10 (or sometimes 9) suns. 
Our students had a wonderful time learning more about this important event and the significance of the full moon day. Stated Candice Chiang, World Language Teacher, “Even if family and friends are far apart, we all watch the same moon.”