MAFL Hosts Alumni Panel—"Going to School for Film & Multimedia"

Windward Communications
Just before the Winter Break, Windward's Media Arts & Film Lab hosted a star studded alumni and student panel on the subject of going to school for Multimedia and Film. On hand were Windward Alumni attending NYU for Film, Game Design, Photography, as well as representation for Animation at CalArts. The evening was a wonderful and informative experience for our prospective multimedia storytellers and parents. 
Current Windward students discussed the challenges and expectations of their current programs, while post-grads Miles Rosenthal ’18 and Sami Sneider ’15 discussed their multifaceted artistic journeys and how they received their very first jobs or “breaks”. Kyousuke Shimazaki of CalArts described their journey in the arts and how CalArts changed their perspective and trajectory. Kyousuke was also kind enough to offer feedback and mentorship to current MAFL Animation students!  
Finally, current NYU Tisch Film students Angus Ebeling ’22 and Charlotte Siegel ’22 openly and powerfully discussed their challenges, successes, fears, and triumphs at NYU Film. They also expressed the importance of their Windward camaraderie and how they’ve each tackled life in New York. It was clear hearing from our Windward Alumni that the bonds and skills they made during their time at Windward and in the MAFL program have carried over to their adventures in rigorous storytelling programs across the country!
Film School Panel
  • Angus Ebeling - BFA Film - NYU Tisch (Windward Class of 2022)
  • Charlotte Siegel - BFA - Film NYU Tisch (Windward Class of 2022)
  • Kyousuke Shimazaki - CalArts BFA3 Character Animation Program
  • Sami Sneider - Photography & Imaging BFA - NYU Tisch School of the Arts, with double major in Journalism at New York University (Windward Class of 2015)
Game Design
  • Miles Rosenthal - NYU Game Design (Windward Class of 2018)