Honors Advanced Theatre Ensemble Shares Creative Collaboration with “The Anthropologists”

Windward Communications

Recently, the Honors Advanced Theatre Ensemble partnered with the esteemed New York theatre company “The Anthropologists” to develop a collaborative devised theatre piece that centered on building connections, pushing their authentic voice, and creating a space of hope.

“I was really excited about the idea of the actors in Honors Advanced Theatre Ensemble to have the opportunity to work with a professional theatre company as we were learning remotely and performing virtually,” said Jordan Fox, Theater Area Lead. “Rather than thinking of what we cannot do with regards to rehearsals and performance, I wanted to show our actors the different types of theatre currently being made and connect with professional artists to learn from their unique perspectives.” 

This desire led Jordan right to the work of the NYC theatre company, The Anthropologists. “Their mission is dedicated to the collaborative creation of investigative theatre that inspires action and focuses on exploring current social topics from an anthropological perspective,” Jordan explained. Over four weeks, students worked alongside members of The Anthropologists in devising a theatre piece based on current events that challenged and inspired all involved. “This experience really reminded our class of how exciting the process of creating art can be, “Jordan concluded, “deepening students' sense of community as they move forward in their own theatre making.”

To view a video of the Honors Advanced Theatre Ensemble’s collaboration with The Anthropologists, click here