Honors Advanced Theater Ensemble Shines in Final Performance Video

Windward Communications
Throughout the 2019-20 school year, the actors in Honors Advanced Theater Ensemble worked on rehearsing and preparing monologues in anticipation of their showcase in April. When the event was unfortunately canceled, Jordan Fox, Windward Theater Program Lead,  asked the students to film their monologues from home. The resulting video served as both a testament to the immense talent of the program, as well as a commemorative celebration of the work they put in.
“I was so taken with how strong their performances were,” Jordan said. “Diving into their characters and performing at home brought a new dimension to their work. Their performances were vulnerable, touching, and authentic. Theater is about community, and this class is a special one.” Jordan, working alongside Drue Metz, Director of Media Arts & Film Lab, surprised students and their parents with the video on the Seniors’ last day of class. Read on for more anecdotes from this amazing group of student performers!

Tess Levy ’20
The school year and high school as a whole ended without a lot of closure, so having this was a nice, neat ending that we haven’t gotten in a lot of other realms. Having this final celebration, having everything we worked on since last summer, really come together in a beautiful way is really fulfilling and gratifying for me. 
Teagan French-Saleh ’21
It feels really nice to not only have the students watching it but also our parents. It feels like an audience, which feels great.
Sofia Pirri ’20
It’s been a time when we haven’t gotten a lot of closure. I, for one, have forgotten to seek the closure in a sense. This was a really welcome, unexpected, I had no idea what you guys were going to do with the monologues, but a really welcome celebration, culmination of an incredible four years. To see Jordan and Drue and James, three incredibly influential people in my high school career, and all of your families together was kind of the perfect way to celebrate that, so thank you. 

Shawn Levy, father of Tess Levy ’20
Really, really moving and beautifully made and beautifully performed. Congrats to everybody!
Roya Cohen, mother of Sophia Cohen ’21
I admire so much how genuine and open and honest all the kids are when they are doing their videos. They are so able to let themselves be heard and express themselves and they didn’t hold back. I think it’s amazing that they were given a forum to do that and they felt comfortable enough to do that. It’s not an easy thing to do. 
Jim Pirri, father of Sofia Pirri ’20
Just to see how everyone connected so genuinely in both their work and as themselves. The montage was phenomenal and very impactful. The way it hit me was very powerful, so thank you for putting that together. That was amazing. 
Laura Hopper, mother of Henry Hopper ’20
The hardest part of this whole situation is not only do your kids not get to do the things they love to do but that we don’t get to watch them do the things they love to do, whether that’s basketball, baseball or this. For you to let us in and watch our kids be successful and participatory and engaged was something we’ve been deprived of the last six to eight weeks. So thank you for that.
Cynthia French, mother of Teagan French-Saleh ’21
Thank you for all of your inspiration and the kids were amazing. It was really nice to have a glimpse into what you do every day. 
Stephanie Pirri, mother of Sofia Pirri ’20
It was such a beautiful way to mesh all of the monologues. It was really beautifully done. The connections that Sofia has made in all the components of theater, working with faculty and the connections with all of the great kids has been an incredible support in this time, which has been such a gift in so many ways. I am so appreciative of her having all those experiences over the years at Windward. It has been really wonderful. 

Drue Metz, Director of Media Arts & Film Lab
It’s been such a pleasure for me to help our students and our community foster their growth as young storytellers. To do that you have to work with faculty that want to help students grow as storytellers. That doesn’t just mean as actors, that means as human beings. It means helping them understand the person they are, where they fit in their own story. They have worked really hard on this and it has been such an investment for them that has truly paid off. 
These kids are so incredible. I wish that all kids could have this type of nurturing and loving guidance from Windward and Jordan and the parents here. Really, I think the best we can do for the kids and each other is help them become exactly who they are meant to be. To see them grow in one year has been such a treat and such a pleasure.