Honors Advanced Jazz Ensemble "A" Provides Blast of Fresh Air

Windward Communications

On a suggestion from Lisa Weinstein (Instrumental Music Teacher) and Music Department Chair Dr. Bruce Eskovitz, Honors Advanced Jazz Ensemble "A" decided before Spring Break to do a virtual recording with their various ensembles using the GarageBand app on students' iPads or laptops.

Aided by the fabulous music tech support team of Ian Sloane and Terry Goldberg, who put together a 13 step PowerPoint with clear instructions for the kids to follow, the project was put into motion over the break. Students were sent guide tracks with a click track (metronome) and important parts, which highlight the various sections of the tunes. From there, the various tracks were compiled together as students submitted their finished parts. As you can hear from this sample track on "Sunny",  the Honors Advanced Jazz Ensemble "A"—made up of Grant Bishop, Kyra Bishop, Sami Merati, Anton Shelton, Riley Tanner, Ben Sommer, Sammy Miller, Grace Milstein, and Elijah Green— are off to an amazing start. 

The Music Program hopes to have several tunes completed from all of the Instrumental Music Ensembles by the end of this term, and plan to share them with our entire community!