Global Scholars Host Peruvian Students 

Windward Communications
On Wednesday, Jan. 22, Windward was thrilled to invite a delegation of Peruvian students to campus. Hosted by Windward Global Scholars and Spanish Honors Society students, the invitees attended morning classes and Seminar along with their hosts, shared lunch with our students, attended afternoon Advanced Spanish classes, and took part in 8th period electives such as Hydroponic Gardening and Debate. 
While the day certainly left an influence on our Peruvian guests, the impact was felt just as strongly by our students. The shared experience helped them to stretch their social and language skills, grow as leaders, and connect with other students from thousands of miles away. The day ended with exchanges of smiles, hugs, and contact info, launching enduring connections among these students and the Windward community. Said Melanie Arias, Director of Global Programs: “The day was one of those rare moments in which you can feel the world growing so big, and yet so small, all at the same time.” 
We can’t wait to do it again!