CulinArt Adds Tasty Twist to Filipino American Heritage Month

Windward Communications

October is nationally recognized as Filipino American Heritage Month. As part of Windward’s celebration, CulinArt treated Windward students, faculty, and staff with special Filipino-inspired menu items and music playlists throughout the month. 

On October 4, Chef Marcos and the CulinArt culinary team made chicken adobo served with pancit noodles and vegetable spring rolls. They also incorporated mushrooms—the “Superfood of the Month”—into a variety of Filipino dishes to close out the month, including mushroom egg drop soup, mushroom pizza, stuffed mushrooms, portobello grilled mushroom sandwiches, and a delicious mushroom bisque.

Our community loved the many options to enjoy and learn about food from Filipino cultures, so much so that many of the menu offerings were instant sell-outs!

Thank you to the CulinArt Team for their help in adding a tasty twist to our month long celebration!