BSU Kicks Off Black History Month With Collaborative Display

Windward Communications

To commemorate Black History Month, Windward’s Black Student Union (BSU) collaborated with the Art Department, Film Department, Facilities, and the CTL to create an interactive display outside of the CTL. The four monitors play a series of videos that represent black people's impact in this country—music, athletics, fashion, and Civil Rights. From videos of James Brown's first-ever televised appearance to Martin Luther King’s "I Have A Dream” speech, the BSU is committed to spreading awareness throughout Black History Month.

Around campus you’ll find dozens of posters featuring different influential black figures, with QR codes that link to more extensive biographies. Additionally, each BSU member wrote a lengthy paragraph on the Black figure who was most inspiring to them, which in turn was made into a poster and hung around campus.

Such an endeavor wouldn’t be possible without the amazing students, parents, and faculty advisors who helped us bring this vision to life. It takes a village, and we appreciate everyone's participation and skills. 

“The Black Student Union is the first-ever BSU at the school, so congratulations to the students for making an impact and being brave enough to create a space for black students to express themselves,” said BSU advisor Ryan Shelven. “The marathon continues! Happy Black History Month!”