AP Art History Students CREATE Custom Mugs

Windward Communications

To wrap up Brittany Berriz's AP Art History course, students selected some of their favorite works from among the 250 they covered this year to recreate in some form on mugs. Crafted in Windward's CREATE Studio, the goals of the project were to reflect on works that resonated with them for various reasons, to think about the formal aspects of the works—including composition, color, and materiality—and to take away a souvenir of a truly memorable year together. This was especially poignant as the majority of the class are Seniors who will be going off to college across the country next year. 

"(Resident Tinkerer) Max pulled together a terrific project that allowed the students to either trace or freehand their interpretations of their chosen work and to transfer them via the process of sublimation to the mugs," said Brittany. "It was a wonderful final day together!"