8th Graders Finish Middle School With Capstone Presentations

Windward Communications


Windward's soon-to-be 9th Grade students reflected on their Middle School experiences during the 8th Grade Capstone Presentations on Wednesday, May 23.

Over the course of Middle School, students collect evidence of their good work, framed by Windward's Core Competencies. Towards the end of 8th Grade, all students choose the Core Competency that most resonates with them and complete a creative project that demonstrates or relates to their growth in that core competency. Projects range from drawing and painting to poetry to culinary arts to documentary filmmaking.

"Students are encouraged to think about what they have learned about themselves during Middle School that they think will serve them well in their Upper School years and what they want to leave behind as they embark on their next chapter," said Emily Dawe, Associate Director of Middle School.