7th Graders End Year with Twelfth Night Performances

Windward Communications

Windward's 7th Graders spent their final English unit of the year studying Twelfth Night.

"While many students have encountered Shakespeare in one form or another before arriving to 7th Grade, this is the first time most of them are really learning how to decode and contend with the Elizabethan English," explains English Teacher Dawn Robinson. "Much of the unit centers around the relationship between acting choices and the script itself."

For the final project, students were put into small groups and assigned a scene with roughly 10 lines per person. Each student had to memorize their lines and display a series of acting choices that demonstrated their understanding and hopefully entertained the audience of their fellow 7th Graders as well.

"I have to say, I was particularly impressed by this year's 7th Graders," Dawn says. "All of the performances were creative and fun to watch; I hope the students feel proud of themselves."