7th Grade Challenge-Based Learning Community Forum

Windward Communications

On Wednesday, March 20 Windward 7th Graders engaged with parents, guardians, faculty, and staff at the 7th Grade Challenge-Based Learning Community Forum where they presented their solutions to common problems. 
This year’s challenge to students was: We challenge you to better the sustainability or well-being of your community by advancing, engineering, or creating a positive solution that improves accessibility to our world.
"Empowering my students to take ownership of their learning by designing and engineering unique prototypes to solve real world issues is a highlight of the year for me," says Science and Technology Teacher Gage Loveless. "Identifying barriers and working with clients and community partners to make a difference is an aspect of the challenge-based learning process that sticks with students throughout the years. Congratulations to the students for their nimble thinking and dedication throughout!"