7th Grade Acting Core Hosts Jim Henson Puppeteer

Windward Communications

On May 15, Windward’s 7th Grade Acting Core was treated to a virtual visit by professional puppeteer Brian Jones. Brian, who has done puppetry for Jim Henson Studios for over 10 years, first gifted students a unique performance featuring two of his own puppets. Students then joined in with their own handmade creations, coming together for a “live” puppet performance of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Following a few other singalong exercises, students then asked Brian the ins and outs of puppeteering. Brian shared a number of interesting anecdotes regarding the unique challenges puppeteers face, covering everything from set design to working with non-puppet actors to getting those amazing puppet-on-the-street shots (hint: it involves lying down on a four foot skateboard).

Our students had a great time with this fun exercise—thank you to Brian for his time and expertise!