Tammy Clem
Tammy Clem
Director of Counseling Services for the Middle School Associate, Director of Inclusivity and Diversity
Cal State University, Northridge - M.S. 
Cal State University, Northridge - B.A.
Since she began working at Windward in 1999, Tammy Clem has witnessed many changes over the years in her position as Director of Counseling Services for the Middle School and Associate Director of Inclusivity/Diversity. One thing has remained the same, however: Her love of working with students.
“The connections I have made with students are my favorite part of working at Windward,” she says. “The relationships I have with them are priceless. They include me in all aspects of their lives—the challenges, as well as the countless moments of success.”
Clem says she approaches her position with a more expansive view than is typical for a school counselor, which is in synch with Windward’s mission to provide a nurturing community. “By definition, a school counselor is the person who sees the ‘student who has problems,’” says Tammy. “I have learned, however, that emotional, social, and psychological well-being is essential for every student because everyone has problems.”
After all these years, she considers it a privilege to keep the legacy of Shirley Windward alive by providing students all the support they need to lead happy, healthy, and meaningful lives. “Windward in its core is about giving; I learned that from Shirley,” she says. “Her love of giving and her greatest gift of art and education is the reason Windward exists—how cool is that?”