Daniel Koh
Vocal Teacher and Music Director for Productions
M.A. Musical Arts, Choral Conducting Yale University
M.A. Music, Choral Conducting Yale University
D.M.A. Musical Arts, Choral Conducting Yale University
B.S. Biology Westmont College
B.A. Music Westmont College
From the first time Daniel Koh, Vocal Teacher and Music Director for Productions, visited campus, he knew he was in the right place. “It was clear to me that Windward was a place where the administration valued and appreciated the faculty, and where the Windward community as a whole valued collaboration, innovation, and the arts,” he says. “These were all crucial factors that drew me to the School.”
Since his arrival last Fall, Daniel has been welcomed with open arms—a hallmark of the nurturing and inclusive Windward community. “From the first day I set foot on campus, both the faculty and the students have been encouraging and supportive of me as a new teacher on campus,” he says. “I've also deeply appreciated the students' willingness to try new things and to push themselves to reach new heights.”
Daniel, who has conducted professional, community-based, college, and middle and high school choirs nationally as well as in his home country of Singapore, has already witnessed a noticeable improvement in the way his Choir students are learning and singing as compared to just a few months ago.
“This is a testament to their willingness to absorb new paradigms and aim for new goals,” he says. “And it’s also the most satisfying part of my job—watching the students grow and flourish.”